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Surrendering To Pagan Philosophy

Let anyone, ignoring the Headship of all things in Christ, surrender himself to pagan philosophy (that is, commit himself to inborn human pride and most sensless self-deification) and he will find it a hard thing to believe the gospel. After all, the gospel must tell him that he is nothing, in himself powerless. In his stupidity, he must accept all wisdom; in his blindness, all light; in his wickedness, all virtue; and, in his wretchedness, all happiness from God alone in Christ Jesus. If a student will not accept these things by faith and sincerely attempt to mold his life by them, he will find in the end that, for all his labors, he has lost far more than time, effort, and midnight-oil!

– John Owen –

from Biblical Theology – The History of Theology from Adam to Christ, pages xli-xlii; Soli Deo Gloria Publications 1994

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