Unlimited Self-Sufficiency

It is necessary to the unlimited self-sufficiency of God that he Himself alone may know Himself perfectly (Psalm 147:5). His understanding is perfect and has no limits. Therefore, as that attribute of God by which He comprehends Himself and all of His perfections is an infinite attribute, it can be entered into by no other being. God Himself alone is all-knowing and all-wise and, therefore, knowledge in its fullness can rest only in God Himself. We will say, then, that this attribute of absolute Godhead, to know “first-truths” in knowing, comprehending and loving itself, may not improperly be called “archetypal theology.” This is the only true and complete theology. (Now, our scholastics also make mention of “archetypal theology,” but what they would wish to be understood by the term, I doubt if they themselves could explain!)

– John Owen –

from Biblical Theology – The History of Theology from Adam to Christ, page 15; Soli Deo Gloria Publications 1994

2 comments on “Unlimited Self-Sufficiency

  1. Really appreciate this blog. I’ve read Biblical Theology – probably did so too fast. So every time you bring us something from that book it is such a wonderful reminder.

    Plus I’m trying to read Communion with God and again instead of a reminder this is a great encourage to “take and read.”

  2. Scott,
    Thanks! Comments like this are a great encouragement to me to “take and read…and post.”

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