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The Scripture Is Our Theology

As the Word of God is enclosed in the Scriptures, so the Scripture is our theology, to such an extent that we assign complete authority to every part of it, and to each and every truth contained in it. This declaration is not reached (as in other sciences) by each proposition being built up from another, by application from another, by application of the rules and conclusion of logic, with human reason adding its consent, but, instead, we receive each revelation or demonstration of truth immediately as it is given with sure confidence because each is a Divine revelation-the very thing upon which true theology depends. It follows that any methodology-take for example that which the scholastics call “discursive,” which draws its roots from several different standpoints, among which are both divinely revealed truth in Scripture, and natural reason and self-confidence, is simply not admissible by the standard which we have defined. This will be true whether or not we admit that such scholars possess true faith, a matter itself rather hotly debated!

~John Owen

from Biblical Theology – The History of Theology from Adam to Christ, page 17; Soli Deo Gloria Publications 1994

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