A Saving Knowledge, With Consolation

That we may have a saving knowledge of the properties of God, attended with consolation, these three things are required:

(1.) That God hath manifested the glory of them all in a way of doing good unto us.
(2.) That he will yet exercise and lay them out to the utmost in our behalf.
(3.) That, being so manifested and exercised, they are fit and powerful to bring us to the everlasting fruition of himself; which is our blessedness.

Now, all these three lie hid in Christ ; and the least glimpse of them out of him is not to be attained.

– John Owen –

from Of Communion With God, volume 2 of Works, page 91

2 comments on “A Saving Knowledge, With Consolation

  1. TY 4 John Owen!! i have in the last 6 months?? found him and have a book of his..mortification my cousin gave me..awesome
    keep up the good work…i collect quotes and inspirational thoughts..can never seem to get enough..thanks and blessings to you..
    Savannah Ga

  2. Owen’s Communion With God must be on the shortlist of all-time Christian classics; it’s a must read. The Kapic/Taylor modernized edition (Crossway, 2007) is a great volume to give to serious-minded Christians. Thanks for this quote as a reminder. I really must order more copies today.

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