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That Which Brings Salvation

This is that which brings salvation, when we shall see that God hath glorified all his properties in a way of doing us good. Now, this he hath done in Jesus Christ. In him hath he made his justice glorious, in making all our iniquities to meet upon him, causing him to bear them all, as the scape-goat in the wilderness; not sparing him, but giving him up to death for us all;—so exalting his justice and indignation against sin in a way of freeing us from the condemnation of it, Rom. 3:25, 8:33, 34. In him hath he made his truth glorious, and his faithfulness, in the exact accomplishment of all his absolute threatenings and promises.

– John Owen –

from Of Communion With God, volume 2 of Works, page 92

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