The Glorious End To Which Sin Is Appointed And Ordained

There is a glorious end whereunto sin is appointed and ordained, and discovered in Christ, that others are unacquainted withal. Sin in its own nature tends merely to the dishonour of God, the debasement of his majesty, and the ruin of the creature in whom it is; hell itself is but the filling of wretched creatures with the fruit of their own devices. The comminations and threats of God in the law do manifest one other end of it, even the demonstration of the vindictive justice of God, in measuring out unto it a meet recompense of reward. But here the law stays (and with it all other light) and discovers no other use or end of it at all. In the Lord Jesus there is the manifestation of another and more glorious end; to wit, the praise of God’s glorious grace in the pardon and forgiveness of it; —God having taken order in Christ that that thing which tended merely to his dishonour should be managed to his infinite glory, and that which of all things he desireth to exalt,—even that he may be known and believed to be a “God pardoning iniquity, transgression and sin.”

– John Owen –

from Of Communion With Godvolume 2 of Works, pages 100-101

2 comments on “The Glorious End To Which Sin Is Appointed And Ordained

  1. Great quote! Reposting and linking back.

  2. As a friend of mine Bob Kellemen write, “It’s Horrible to Sin, But Wonderful to be Forgiven.” (Robert W Kellemen, Spiritual Friends, BMH Books, 2007) Only Jesus can make sin’s existence glorious. Oh, what a Saviour!!

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