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A New And Living Way

God did at the beginning assign us a path to walk in with him, even the path of innocency and exact holiness, in a covenant of works. This path, by sin, is so filled with thorns and briers, so stopped up by curses and wrath, that no flesh living can take one step in that path; a new way for us to walk in must be found out, if ever we think to hold communion with God. And this also lies upon the former account. It is hid in Christ. All the world cannot, but by and in him, discover a path that a man may walk one step with God in. And therefore the Holy Ghost tells us that Christ hath consecrated, dedicated, and set apart for that purpose, “a new and living way” into the holiest of all, Heb. 10:20; a new one, for the first, old one was useless; a living one, for the other is dead: therefore, saith he, verse 22, ” Let us draw near;” having a way to walk in, let us draw near. And this way that he hath prepared is no other but himself, John 14:6. In answer to them who would go to the Father, and hold communion with him, he tells them, “I am the way; and no man cometh to the Father but by me.”

– John Owen –

from Of Communion With Godvolume 2 of Works, page 105

One comment on “A New And Living Way

  1. Great stuff! We can draw near to the Father in full assurance of faith because of Christ! Thanks!


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