Owen Book Giveaway III

Win a free copy of Communion With God by John Owen

This is a beautiful book! Hard back, library bound, smyth sewn, and jacketed. This book contains Of Communion With God along with a Vindication of that work and also a work entitled Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity.

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>I will draw a winner next Friday, August 19, 2011

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  1. I’m in!

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  3. I’m in. #1 and 2. Thanks.

  4. I’m in! I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  5. I’m in 1, 2, 3 & 4!

  6. I’m in on fbook, twitter and e-mail.

  7. I’m in! I follow on Twitter and subscribe via RSS (and email).


  8. I’m in too.

  9. I AM IN!!!!!!!!!!! via facebook
    Sola Deo Gloria

  10. I’m in. I follow on Twitter.

  11. I’m in – FB & email. Thanks!

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  18. I’m in…
    Following via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS.
    Yes, all four! 🙂

  19. I’m in! RSS

  20. I’m in! Facebook and Twitter.

    This book encouraged me to treasure the Savior more than any other extra-biblical work I’ve read. To love the gospel for the motivation that “the greatest delight of the father is to have loving fellowship with [the christian].”

    Thanks for the encouraging tweets!

  21. I’m in! Following on Twitter and RSS.

  22. I’m in. Email and Facebook and RSS

  23. I’m in. Email and Facebook

  24. I am in here as an already subscribed – twittered,facebooked yahoo rssr

  25. I’m in!

    via Twitter & RSS

  26. I’m in..I already have done all three.

  27. I’m in… already subscribed via e-mail and followed on twitter. Just liked you on facebook. Thanks for the opportunity… grace and peace be with you!

  28. I’m in. Following you on Twitter and regularly feature your stuff on The Christ For Australia Daily.

    Not sure if you will post to Oz.

  29. I’m in! Facebook and Email.

  30. I’m in – Facebook

  31. I’m in facebook and twitter

  32. I’m in. and ready to dig into some more Owen!

  33. I’m in!!!

    Follow email, Facebook and Twitter!

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  36. I’m in. Email, Facebook

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  43. I’m In email and facebook.

  44. I’m in…Facebook, Twitter, & Email.


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  46. I’m in!! (facebook and twitter)

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  48. I’m in 1, 3, & 4

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  50. I’m in! via facebook and email. Nice website!

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