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No Heart Can Fully Conceive of The Condescension of God

That the high and the lofty One, the great and the glorious God, should enter into this covenant with poor dust and ashes, worms of the earth as we are! — the Lord help us to understand it. Condescension is endearing and satisfying,—we find it so among men. If a man that is great in the world does but condescend to respect and be familiar towards them that are poor, that are beggars, it is looked upon as a very great matter, and does wonderfully engage such persons to them that thus condescend: but let that distance be what it will that is between the highest and greatest king and the meanest beggar, they are men still; and, upon some accounts, the meanest may be the better. But there is an infinite distance between God and us, between the high and the lofty One, the glorious God, the possessor of heaven and earth, and poor dust and ashes. That he should take us into covenant, and engage himself by oath for the accomplishment of it; and should accept of our answering of his covenant, and engaging of our hearts unto him, that he should be ours, and that we should be his;—no heart can fully conceive this condescension.

~John Owen

from a sermon entitled The Everlasting Covenant, The Believer’s Support Under Distressvolume 9 of Works, page 428

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