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What Every True Christian Knows…and Remembers

Many men spend their days in obstinacy and hardness, adding drunkenness unto thirst, never once inquiring what their condition shall be when they enter into eternity; others trifle away their time and their souls, sowing the wind of empty hopes, and preparing to reap a whirlwind of wrath; but this lies at the bottom of all the saints’ communion with Christ,—a deep, fixed, resolved persuasion of an absolute and indispensable necessity of a righteousness wherewith to appear before God. The holiness of God’s nature, the righteousness of his government, the severity of his law, the terror of his wrath, are always before them. They have been all convinced of sin, and have looked on themselves as ready to sink under the vengeance due to it.

~John Owen

from Of Communion With Godvolume 2 of Works, page 187

One comment on “What Every True Christian Knows…and Remembers

  1. If this does not make you stop and reflect on what you have made the priority in your life I don’t know what will. Great post Brandon! Thank you for the reminder that where my heart is there my treasures will be also.

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