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“Is humble walking with God our great concernment?”

Is humble walking with God our great concernment? Let us make it our business and our work to bring our hearts unto it all our days. What do we, running out of the way all the day long, spending our strength for that which is not bread? My business is not,—whether I be rich or poor, wise or unwise, learned or ignorant; whether I shall live or die; whether there shall be peace or war with the nations; whether my house shall flourish or wither; whether my gifts be many or few, great or small, whether I have good repute or bad repute in the world;—but only, whether I walk humbly with God or not. As it is with me in this respect, so is my present condition,—so will be my future acceptation. I have tired myself about many things;—this one is necessary. What doth the Lord my God require of me, but this? What doth Christ call for, but this? What doth the whole sanctifying work of the Holy Ghost tend to, but that I may walk humbly with God?

~John Owen

from a sermon entitled Of Walking Humbly With Godvolume 9 of Works, page 128-9

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