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God Is Either Ignorant, Accidental, Or Omnipotent

If God’s determination concerning any thing should have a temporal original, it must needs be either because he then perceived some goodness in it of which before he was ignorant, or else because some accident did affix a real goodness to some state of things which it had not from him; neither of which, without abominable blasphemy, can be affirmed, seeing he knows the end from the beginning, all things from everlasting, being always the same, the fountain of all goodness, of which other things do participate in that measure which it pleases him to communicate it unto them. Add to this the omnipotency of God: there is “power and might in his hand,” [so] that none is able to withstand him, 2 Chron, 20:6; which will not permit that any of his purposes be frustrate.

~John Owen

from A Display of Arminianismvolume 10 of Works, page 20

One comment on “God Is Either Ignorant, Accidental, Or Omnipotent

  1. Reblogged this on Justification by Grace and commented:
    Another exceptional quote from my favorite volume of John Owens’ work (Volume 10). Enjoy.

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