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What God Knows, part 2 of 3

Out of this large and boundless territory of things possible, God by his decrees freely determines what shall come to pass, and makes them future which before were but possible. After this decree, as they commonly speak, follows, or together with it, as others more exactly, takes place, that prescience of God which they call “visionis,” “of vision,” whereby he infallibly sees all things in their proper causes, and how and when they shall come to pass. Now, these two sorts of knowledge differ, inasmuch as by the one God knows what it is possible may come to pass; by the other, only what it is impossible should not come to pass. Things are possible in regard of God’s power, future in regard of his decree. So that (if I may so say) the measure of the first kind of science is God’s omnipotency, what he can do; of the other his purpose, what certainly he will do, or permit to be done. With this prescience, then, God foreseeth all, and nothing but what he hath decreed shall come to pass.

~John Owen

from A Display of Arminianismvolume 10 of Works, page 23-24

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