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False Glory

To honour the Father with other honour, is to dishonour him. When men design to give glory and honour to God which is not truly divine, it is idolatry; for this honour, in truth, is nothing but the ascription of all infinite, divine excellencies unto him. Whereon, when men ascribe unto him that which is not so, they fall into idolatry, by the worship of their own imaginations. So was it with the Israelites, when they thought to have given glory to God by making a golden calf, whereon they proclaimed a feast unto Jehovah, Exododus 32:5. And so was it with the heathen in all their images of God, and the glory which they designed to give him thereby, as the apostle declares, Romans 1:23-25. This is one kind of idolatry—as the other is—the ascribing unto creatures anything that is proper and peculiar unto God, any divine excellency.

~John Owen

from The Person of Christvolume 1 of Works, page 106

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