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The Three “Wants” That Men Seek To Supply

All that men do in the world is but seeking to supply their wants;—either their

1) natural wants, that nature may be supplied; or their

2) sinful wants, that their lusts may be satisfied; or their

3) spiritual wants, that their souls may be saved.

For the two first, men without the gospel lay out all their strength; but of the last there is amongst them a deep silence. Now this is all one as for men to cry out that their finger bleeds, whilst a sword is run through their hearts, and they perceive it not;—to desire a wart to be cured, whilst they have a plague-sore upon them. And hence perhaps it is that they are said to go to hell “like sheep,” Ps. 49:14, —very quietly, without dread, as a bird hasting to the snare, and not knowing that it is for his life, Prov. 7:23,—and there lie down in utter disappointment and sorrow for evermore.

~John Owen

from a sermon entitled A Vision of Unchangeable, Free Mercy ; Volume 8, page 37-8

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