About This Site

The Reason This Site Exists
This site exists for the glory of God through the exaltation of Jesus Christ; and for the edification of His bride, the Church.

The Means This Site Will Use
John Owen was arguably the most brilliant theologian of the English language. While he was extraordinarily brilliant, his writings were not always extraordinarily accessible. It is the intention of this site and its author (or rather editor) to glean from the good doctor, quotes and excerpts that show the Christ centered world view of this gifted Puritan divine.

I will be posting quotes by Owen here every week Monday through Saturday.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your stay!

14 comments on “About This Site

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  2. am involved in collegiate ministry especially discipleship and in the course of time, a growing affinity for theology has been fostered. I would like to be a theologian for the goal of helping students become doctrinal and missional. Thank you for this website that links us with great theologians of the past. The opportunity to glean from them is a God given privilege for me.

    • Edwin,
      Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. I enjoyed reading your comment. It is that very reason that I decided to blog through Owen’s writings. I wanted to, at the very least, introduce people to his writings who may have never even considered reading him. His language is rich and his message is always timely and thought provoking.

  3. Just came across your site. Utterly wonderful. Owen’s been my favourite theologian for years now. Can’t thank you enough.

  4. Oh I am excited! Just came across your site from a link on a blog I just happened to be checking out. All this good content from Owens available online here. What a treat. Thanks for your work and providing a great resource. God bless!

  5. Love the site

  6. I was introduced to John Owen (his works, that is) a couple years ago, and my life changed at the very moment I began reading him. My Pastor gave me Volume 6: On Temptation and Sin, and I am convinced that Owen was the modern-day great psychologist of his time. His insights into the human psyche, while never losing sight of man’s total depravity, blow away any of the pathetic conclusions of secular psychology’s last century-and-a-half of godless meandering and research.

    You are doing a great ministry for the body of Christ. Keep up the good work!

    • Volume 6: On Temptation and Sin,
      since this seem like such a luminal work, would it be accessible on-line ?

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  8. Dear Sir,
    While perusing the Internet with trepidation, how wonderful to see someone in this age of religious humanism, who values dear Owen’s work!!! Apart from my father, Owen has been my only friend for the past forty years; and my father’s, the same number of years before that. When finishing the 23rd volume, we simply turn and begin again at volume 1: how many times each volume has been read through, we cannot recall. Wonderful to see that he is appreciated by others. Many thanks for placing his work in this public place! I remain,
    Yours very sincerely,
    Philip Livingstone

  9. Dear Sir,
    I cannot express how heartening it has been to come across this Internet site when (barring the upkeep of a little site for our nursery) I should never ordinarily have made any effort to look around the Internet. Owen has been my sole friend this past 40 years, and my father’s, the same number of years before that. We had imagined – from the disgusting antics of the “churches” over the past thirty years particularly, that God-honouring works were little sought by the modern mind. Throughout the years, after completing the 23rd volume, we begin again at page 1 of volume one, and cannot say, now, how many times each has been read. What a pleasure it is to see someone make the effort to present Owen on the Internet.
    I remain,
    Very sincerely yours,
    Philip Livingstone

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