To Know Christ Crucified!

This is faith’s great and bold venture upon the grace, faithfulness, and truth of God, to stand by the cross and say, “Ah! he is bruised for my sins, and wounded for my transgressions, and the chastisement of my peace is upon him. He is thus made sin for me. Here I give up my sins to him that […]

Hold Fast, God Will Come With His Grace!

It may be you have prayed, and cried, and resolved, and vowed, but all without success, as you suppose; sin has broken through all: however, if you give not over, you shall prevail at last; you know not at what time God will come in with his grace, and Christ will manifest his love unto you as unto the […]

A Lack Of Faith

Many think it is impossible for them to gain a right and clear understanding of the Scriptures, and consider them to be full of great difficulties and impenetrable mysteries, beyond the wit of man to unravel. This is simply the result of one thing-a lack of faith. – John Owen – from Biblical Theology – The […]

The Spring of All Sin

As faith is the spring and cause of all obedience (for “without faith it is impossible to please God,” and the obedience that is accepted with him is “the obedience of faith”), so is unbelief of all sin. All sins of flesh and spirit have no other root. Did men believe either the promises or threatenings of God, […]