Fellowship With God

To Enjoy God Forever

The full inheritance promised, is the fullness of the Spirit in the enjoyment of God. When that Spirit which is given us in this world shall have perfectly taken away all sin and sorrow, and shall have made us able to enjoy the glory of God in his presence, that is the full inheritance promised. So that the Spirit given […]

No Heart Can Fully Conceive of The Condescension of God

That the high and the lofty One, the great and the glorious God, should enter into this covenant with poor dust and ashes, worms of the earth as we are! — the Lord help us to understand it. Condescension is endearing and satisfying,—we find it so among men. If a man that is great in the world does but condescend to […]

Losing Fellowship With Christ

Let them that enjoy any thing of the presence of Christ take heed what they do; if they provoke him to depart, if they lose him, it may cost them many a bitter inquiry before they find him again. When a soul prays and meditates, searches the promises in private ; when it with earnestness and diligence attends all ordinances […]