The Infinite, Inexhaustible Fountain Of The Deity

The endless, bottomless, boundless grace and compassion that is in him who is thus our husband, as he is the God of Zion. It is not the grace of a creature, nor all the grace that can possibly at once dwell in a created nature, that will serve our turn. We are too indigent to be suited with such […]

A Saviour To The Uttermost

The uniting of the natures of God and man in one person made him [Christ] fit to be a Saviour to the uttermost. He lays his hand upon God, by partaking of his nature, Zech. 13:7; and he lays his hand upon us, by being partaker of our nature, Heb. 2:14, 16: and so becomes a days-man, or umpire between […]