Hebrews Commentary


Whatever we consider in sin, God principally considers the root and spring of it in unbelief, as that which maketh the most direct and immediate opposition unto himself. – John Owen – from Owen’s Exposition of Hebrews, volume 4, page 196; William H. Goold edition, printed byBanner of Truth Trust, 2009

The Spring of All Sin

As faith is the spring and cause of all obedience (for “without faith it is impossible to please God,” and the obedience that is accepted with him is “the obedience of faith”), so is unbelief of all sin. All sins of flesh and spirit have no other root. Did men believe either the promises or threatenings of God, […]

The Name Is Become A Term Of Reproach

Of old, indeed, the Pagans spake proverbially of the Christians, “See how they love one another!” in a way of admiration. The contrary observation hath now prevailed, to the shame and stain of the profession of these latter days. What through dissensions and divisions amongst them who have any real interest in the privilege of sonship; what through an open, visible defect […]

Truth Known Vs. Truth Applied

Gospel truths are “medicina animae”–physic for a sin-sick soul. Now, of what use is it to get a store of medicines and cordials, and never to take them? No more is it to collect, at any price or rate, sermons, doctrines, instructions, if we apply them not, that they may have their efficacy in us and proper work towards us. […]