Why The World Is Not Impressed With Christians

What eminent gifts are poured out in the days wherein we live! what light is bestowed! what pains in preaching! how is the dispensation of the word multiplied! -yet how little ground is got by it! how few converted! The word hath a free course in preaching, but is not glorified in acceptable obedience. Is it not high time […]

Do You Really Know Jesus Christ or Are You A Hypocrite?

Convinced persons who know not Christ, nor the fellowship of his sufferings, would spin a holiness out of their own bowels; they would work it out in their own strength. They begin it with trying endeavors; and follow it with vows, duties, resolutions, engagements, sweating at it all the day long. Thus they continue for a season,—their hypocrisy, for the […]

A Badge Of A Hypocrite

When a man hath secret thoughts in his heart, not unlike those of Naaman about his worshiping in the house of Rimmon (2 Kings 5:18), “In all other things I will walk with God, but in this thing, God be merciful unto me,” his condition is sad. It is true, indeed, a resolution to this purpose, to […]

A Safer Path To Hell

I think I need not say it [mortification]  is not the dissimulation of a sin. When a man on some outward respects forsakes the practice of any sin, men perhaps may look on him as a changed man. God knows that to his former iniquity he hath added cursed hypocrisy, and is got in a […]