Knowing God

Unlimited Self-Sufficiency

It is necessary to the unlimited self-sufficiency of God that he Himself alone may know Himself perfectly (Psalm 147:5). His understanding is perfect and has no limits. Therefore, as that attribute of God by which He comprehends Himself and all of His perfections is an infinite attribute, it can be entered into by no other […]

You Love Him Not, Because You Know Him Not

You that are yet in the flower of your days, full of health and strength, and, with all the vigour of your spirits, do pursue some one thing, some another, consider, I pray, what are all your beloveds to this Beloved? What have you gotten by them? Let us see the peace, quietness, assurance of everlasting blessedness that they […]

The Intendment of All Gospel Revelation

The intendment of all gospel revelation is, not to unvail God’s essential glory, that we should see him as he is, but merely to declare so much of him as he knows sufficient to be a bottom of our faith, love, obedience, and coming to him,—that is, of the faith which here he expects from […]

Communion With God vs. Curious Thoughts

The difference between believers and unbelievers as to knowledge is not so much in the matter of their knowledge as in the manner of knowing. Unbelievers, some of them, may know more and be able to say more of God, his perfections, and his will, than many believers; but they know nothing as they ought, […]