Walking With God

That our obedience may be walking with God, it is required that it be a constant, progressive motion towards a mark before us. Walking is a constant progress. He that is walking towards a place that he hath in his eye may stumble sometimes, yea, perhaps, and fall also; but yet, whilst his design and endeavour lies towards the place […]

He Did Not Yield Obedience For Himself

Galations 4:4, 5, “God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law.” He was both made of a woman, and made under the law; that is, obedient to it for us. The end here, both of the incarnation and obedience of Christ to the law was all to […]

The Spring of All Sin

As faith is the spring and cause of all obedience (for “without faith it is impossible to please God,” and the obedience that is accepted with him is “the obedience of faith”), so is unbelief of all sin. All sins of flesh and spirit have no other root. Did men believe either the promises or threatenings of God, […]

Acceptable Mortification

He, then, that would really, thoroughly, and acceptably mortify any disquieting lust, let him take care to be equally diligent in all parts of obedience, and know that every lust, every omission of duty, is burdensome to God, though but one is so to him. Whilst there abides a treachery in the heart to indulge […]