Shuffling With God

Do we humble ourselves to accept of the righteousness that God in Christ hath provided for us? It is a common working of the heart of them whom God is drawing to himself;—they dare not close with the promise, they dare not accept of Christ and his righteousness,—it would be presumption in them. And the answer is common,—that […]

Trusting What We Do Not See; The Righteousness of Christ

Man sees and knows his own duty, his own righteousness and walking with God; he seeth what it costs and stands him in; he knows what pains he hath taken about it; what waiting, fasting, labouring, praying it hath cost him; how he hath cut himself short of his natural desires, and mortified his flesh in abstinence from sin. […]

The Death of The Righteous; How We Should Meet Death

This is an excerpt from a sermon of Owen’s where he made mention of a man in his congregation who had recently passed away. God hath lately taken from this congregation, — a justified man… I was with him the day before he died, and found him in the exercise of faith upon as noble […]

What Every True Christian Knows…and Remembers

Many men spend their days in obstinacy and hardness, adding drunkenness unto thirst, never once inquiring what their condition shall be when they enter into eternity; others trifle away their time and their souls, sowing the wind of empty hopes, and preparing to reap a whirlwind of wrath; but this lies at the bottom of all the saints’ communion with Christ,—a […]