Roman Catholicism

Dying; The Last Victorious Act Of Faith, part 3 of 6

Whither now is the soul going? what will be the issue within a few moments? Is it annihilated? doth death not only separate the body and soul, but destroy our being, so that we shall be no more to eternity? So some would have it; for it is their interest it should be so. Is the soul going into […]

The Work Of Living Men

When a man hath thus for a season been deluded, and hath deceived his own soul, and finds in a long course of life that indeed his sin is not mortified, or if he hath changed one he hath gotten another, he begins at length to think that all contending is in vain, —he shall […]


The whole bundle of the popish religion is made up of designs and contrivances to pacify conscience without Christ; all described by the apostle, Rom. 10:3. By this means men satisfy themselves that their state and condition is good, seeing they do that which is a work good in itself, and they do not do […]

Christ Alone Is Sufficient For The Mortification Of Sin

He [Christ] only is sufficient for this work; all ways and means without him are as a thing of nought; and he is the great efficient of it,—he works in us as he pleases. In vain do men seek other remedies; they shall not be healed by them. What several ways have been prescribed for […]