The Christian’s Work of Dying Daily

Dying; The Last Victorious Act Of Faith, part 3 of 6

Whither now is the soul going? what will be the issue within a few moments? Is it annihilated? doth death not only separate the body and soul, but destroy our being, so that we shall be no more to eternity? So some would have it; for it is their interest it should be so. Is the soul going into […]

Dying; The Last Victorious Act Of Faith, part 2 of 6

The constant exercise of faith, as to the resignation of a departing soul into the hand and sovereign will of God. “I die daily.” How? Exercising faith constantly, in the resignation of a departing soul, when the time comes, unto the sovereign grace, good pleasure, power, and faithfulness of God. The soul is now taking its leave of all its […]

Dying; The Last Victorious Act Of Faith, part 1 of 6

It is the duty of all believers to be preparing themselves every day to die cheerfully, comfortably, and, if it may be, triumphing in the Lord. Observe only this, that there may be a dying safely, where there is not a dying cheerfully and comfortably. Every believer, whoever he be, shall die safely; but we see many believers do […]