The Everlasting Covenant The Believer’s Support Under Distress

The Necessity of Spiritual Gifts in the Ministry

If the Lord Jesus Christ should cease to give out spiritual gifts unto men for the work of the ministry, he need do no more to take away the ministry itself; it must cease also: and it is the very way the ministry ceases in apostatizing churches,-—Christ no more giving out unto them of the gifts of his Spirit; and all […]

God Is All We Need…and All We Should Want

Have we, at any time in our own experience, failed of any thing all our life long hitherto? have we wanted any thing? Our want arises because we will not admit, we will not receive, or we long after other things, which God is not pleased we should have. There is in God an all-sufficiency of grace and mercy to […]

We Should Look To Suffering, And Be Content

Let us be in an expectation of such changes of providence, that they may not be great surprises unto us. When we are in peace, let us look for trouble; when we are at liberty, let us look for restraint; and when our children are about us, let us look for the removal of them; and be content to […]

Sinful Security

It is needful, to keep us off from security in ourselves. There is such a treachery in our hearts, that we are able to build carnal security upon the spiritual dispensations of God’s kindness and love…It is needful, therefore, God should sometimes break in upon our concerns, that we may not turn a constant course of his kindness into […]