Spiritual Life

Thanksgiving, The Grace Enabled Fruit of The Believer

Happy Thanksgiving! All our thoughts concerning Christ and his glory should be accompanied with admiration, adoration, and thanksgiving. For this is such an object of our thoughts and affections as, in this life, we can never fully comprehend,—an ocean whose depths we cannot look into. If we are spiritually renewed, all the faculties of our souls are enabled by grace […]

Of Communion With God

Now, communion is the mutual communication of such good things as wherein the persons holding that communion are delighted, bottomed upon some union between them. Our communion, then, with God consists in his communication of himself unto us, with our returning unto him of that which he requires and accepts, flowing from that union which […]

The Effect Of Unmortified Sin On The Soul

In our ordinary walking with God, and in an ordinary course of his dealing with us, the vigour and comfort of our spiritual lives depend much on our mortification… Every unmortified sin will certainly do two things:—[1.] It will weaken the soul, and deprive it of its vigour. [2.] It will darken the soul, and […]