Volume 08 Quotes

The Fruit Bearing Grace of God

God makes room, as it were, in his  vineyard for the budding, flourishing, and fruit-bearing of other plants which he hath planted – Great employments call for great exercise of graces. Even in employments in and about providential things, there is the exercise of spiritual grace;—as much faith and prayer, as much communion with God, walking before him, and […]

To Live On The Promises of God Is Our Success

Be ashamed of, and humbled for, all your staggerings at the promises of God, with all your fleshly reasonings and carnal contrivances issuing therefrom. For the most part, we live upon successes, not promises:—unless we see and feel the print of victories, we will not believe; the engagement of God is almost quite forgotten in our affairs. We travel on […]

Unbelief, That Root of Bitterness

It is not the greatness of sin, nor continuance in sin, nor backsliding into sin, that is the true cause of your staggering, whatever you pretend, but solely from your unbelief, that ”root of bitterness” which springs up and troubles thee. It is not the distance of the earth from the sun, nor the sun’s withdrawing itself, that […]

We Have Difficulties Before The Promises Are Fulifilled

It is true, never did any wait upon God for the accomplishment and fulfilling of a promise, but he found many difficulties fall out between the word and the thing. So was it with Abraham in the business of a son : and so with David in the matter of a kingdom. God will have his promised mercies to […]