Biblical Theology

What Effectual Prayer Looks Like

The faithful soul, pouring out without ceasing those prayers which are supplied to us by God’s Spirit in gracious provision for our infirmities, enjoys communion with God Himself as he shares in the understandings of the things of the gospel. By practice in prayer, he increases daily in fellowship with his Lord while his soul […]

Sacred Scripture Meditation

If a student has labored merely to equip his mind with a store of facts, and has neglected the high and holy means of sacred meditation, he will look in vain for progress in his labors, for any real or practical value to the church at large-or for his own eternal security. The Word is […]

A Lack Of Faith

Many think it is impossible for them to gain a right and clear understanding of the Scriptures, and consider them to be full of great difficulties and impenetrable mysteries, beyond the wit of man to unravel. This is simply the result of one thing-a lack of faith. – John Owen – from Biblical Theology – The […]

Those Systematic Theologies

One common error for theological students is to sit day and night thumbing through those systematic theologies, wherein the gospel is reduced to a number of heads or articles, and to learn and absorb these without thinking about truth for himself. Such will never receive any new revelations of God’s will from His Word. – […]