Comfort and Consolation

Whenever there is mention made of comfort and consolation in the Scripture given to the saints (as there is most frequently), it is the proper consequent of the work of the Holy Ghost towards them. Comfort or consolation in general, is the setting and composing of the soul in rest and contentedness in the midst of or from troubles, by […]

We Should Look To Suffering, And Be Content

Let us be in an expectation of such changes of providence, that they may not be great surprises unto us. When we are in peace, let us look for trouble; when we are at liberty, let us look for restraint; and when our children are about us, let us look for the removal of them; and be content to […]

Honored Unto Sufferings

God hath a great cause in the world, and that such a one as wherein his name, his goodness, his love, his glory, are concerned; this, in his infinite wisdom, is to be witnessed, confirmed, testified unto by sufferings. Now, can there be any greater honour done unto any of the sons of men, than that God should single them […]