The Mutual Care of Believers Over One Another

Do We Really Love One Another?

 Read 1 Corinthians 13. I beg of you believe that scripture to be the word of God. We can love them who, as far as we know, are lovely; but that love that “beareth all things and believeth all things,” I am afraid not six of us believe that it is a duty. If we hear any […]

Perfect Church-Order

“the bond of perfection,” Col. 3:14. This is perfect church-order. Take a company of sticks, some long and some short, some great and some little, some straight and some crooked. As long as there is a good firm band about them, you may carry them where you please, and dispose of them as you will: break this […]

Growing The Church

The great business of the church is not our number by addition, but by grace, by growing up in Christ ~John Owen from a sermon entitled The Mutual Care of Believers Over One Another, preached on September 6, 1678; volume 16 of Works, page 477