Holier Than Thou

Let now the proud Pharisee come and boast his righteousness, his duties, his worship, and performances;—the eye of God is on the poor creature behind the door, that is crying, “God be merciful to me, a sinner;” that is, giving himself up to sovereign mercy, and following after him upon that account. We have got a holiness that puffeth up, […]

Perfecting Holiness In The Fear of The Lord

It is not the doing of this or that thing, but the doing of all things by Christ commanded; not a loving of friends only, but of enemies; not a denial of the ways of ungodly men only, but a denial of self and the world ; not a doing hurt to none only, but a doing good to […]

Being Proud of Our Holiness

He who has communion with Christ, when he is highest in duties of sanctification and holiness, is clearest in the apprehension of his own unprofitableness, and rejects every thought that might arise in his heart of setting his peace in them, or upon them. He says to his soul, “Do these things seem something to thee? Alas! thou hast to […]

The Effect of Seeing His Holiness

The truth is, such is the glory and terror of the Lord, such the infinite perfection of his holiness, that, on clear sight of it, it will make the soul conclude that of itself it cannot serve him; nor will it be to any advantage, but add to the fierceness of his destruction, once to draw nigh to him. It […]