Do We Really Love One Another?

 Read 1 Corinthians 13. I beg of you believe that scripture to be the word of God. We can love them who, as far as we know, are lovely; but that love that “beareth all things and believeth all things,” I am afraid not six of us believe that it is a duty. If we hear any […]

Perfect Church-Order

“the bond of perfection,” Col. 3:14. This is perfect church-order. Take a company of sticks, some long and some short, some great and some little, some straight and some crooked. As long as there is a good firm band about them, you may carry them where you please, and dispose of them as you will: break this […]

Growing The Church

The great business of the church is not our number by addition, but by grace, by growing up in Christ ~John Owen from a sermon entitled The Mutual Care of Believers Over One Another, preached on September 6, 1678; volume 16 of Works, page 477

Church Is NOT For Unbelievers!

The privileges of the house [of God] are such as they will not suit nor profit any other. To what purpose is it to give food to a dead man? Will he grow strong by it? will he increase upon it? The things of the family and house of God are food for living souls. Now, children only are […]