What God Knows, part 3 of 3

For every thing to be produced next and under him, God hath prepared divers and several kinds of causes, diversely operative in producing their effects, some whereof are said to work necessarily, the institution of their nature being to do as they do, and not otherwise; so the sun giveth light, and the fire heat. And yet, in some regard, […]

What God Knows, part 2 of 3

Out of this large and boundless territory of things possible, God by his decrees freely determines what shall come to pass, and makes them future which before were but possible. After this decree, as they commonly speak, follows, or together with it, as others more exactly, takes place, that prescience of God which they call “visionis,” “of vision,” whereby he […]

What God Knows, part 1 of 3

Divines, for distinction’s sake, ascribe unto God a twofold knowledge; one, intuitive or intellective, whereby he foreknows and sees all things that are possible,—that is, all things that can be done by his almighty power,—without any respect to their future existence, whether they shall come to pass or no. Yea, infinite things, whose actual being eternity shall never behold, are […]

We Are Ordered That We May Have Enjoyment

This is the aim and intendment of the Lord Christ in the institution of all gospel ordinances and administrations,—that they may be of use for the house and family of God, and all his children and servants therein. It is true, the word is preached to all the world, to gather in the children of God’s purpose that […]