Living And Walking In Horrible Darkness

Whatever notional knowledge men may have of divine truths, as they are doctrinally proposed in the Scripture, yet—if they know them not in their respect unto the person of Christ as the foundation of the counsels of God—if they discern not how they proceed from him, and center in him—they will bring no spiritual, saving light unto their understanding. For all […]

He Makes Every Gospel Truth As Wine

We have this, then, by the Spirit :—he teaches us of the love of God in Christ; he makes every gospel truth as wine well refined to our souls, and the good things of it to be a feast of fat things;—gives us joy and gladness of heart with all that we know of God; which is the great […]

A Lord’s Day Meditation. Blessings!

God might have left us, and yet have manifested much free grace, to have gathered up falling crumbs or occasional droppings of mercy and supply, that we should have rejoiced to have found out one word looking that way. But, to shut up all objections, and to stop for ever the mouth of unbelief, he hath not only spoken plainly, […]

5 Qualifications of A Promise

All the stability of a promise depends upon the qualifications of the promiser to the ends and purposes of the promise. If a man make me a promise to do such and such things for me, and I question whether ever it will be so or not, it must be from a doubt of the want of one of […]