The Shaking and Translating of Heaven and Earth

The Light of Every Age

God doth not use to set his people to work in the dark. They are the “children of light,” and they are no “deeds of darkness” which they have to do. However others are blinded, they shall see; yea, he always suits their light to their labour, and gives them a clear discerning of what […]

The Greatest Folly

Toil and labour in vain is, of all follies, the greatest folly;—like the Jews under Julian, building of their temple in the day, God casting it to the ground in the night. When a man labours, toils, wearies and spends himself for the accomplishing of that which shall never come to pass, and that which, […]

The Blood of the Saints Crying From The Ground

The kings of the earth have given their power to Antichrist, endeavouring to the utmost to keep the kingdom of Christ out of the world. What, I pray, hath been their main business for seven hundred years and upwards,—even almost ever since the man of sin was enthroned? How have they earned the titles, Eldest […]

Changeable Things

Of all that deformity and dissimilitude to the divine nature which is come upon us by the fall, there is no one part more eminent, or rather no one defect more evident, than inconstancy and unstableness of mind in embracing that which is spiritually good. Man being turned from his unchangeable rest, seeks to quiet […]