A Sense Of Sin

There is a sense and knowledge of sin left in the consciences of all men by nature. To tell them what is good and evil in many things, to approve and disapprove of what they do, in reference to a judgment to come, they need not go farther than themselves, Rom. 2:14, 15. But this is obscure, and relates […]

To Be Aware Of Ourselves

Do not we all know that our minds are inclined by indwelling conscience to that simple acknowledgement – God is – and that to deny this would be to deny our own rationality? Nay, without this attribute, we would be reduced below the lowest rank of beings, have no dignity and no honor, and not […]

A Judgement Of Discretion

It is commonly acknowledged by Protestants that private Christians have a judgment of discretion in things of religion. The term was invented to grant them some liberty of judgment, in opposition unto the blind obedience required by the church of Rome; but withal to put a restraint upon it, and a distinction of some superior judgment, it may be […]

Proper Use Of The Law, part 1 of 4

Charge thy conscience with that guilt which appears in it from the rectitude and holiness of the law. Bring the holy law of God into thy conscience, lay thy corruption to it, pray that thou mayst be affected with it. Consider the holiness, spirituality, fiery severity, inwardness, absoluteness of the law, and see how thou […]