John Owen

The Fruit Bearing Grace of God

God makes room, as it were, in his  vineyard for the budding, flourishing, and fruit-bearing of other plants which he hath planted – Great employments call for great exercise of graces. Even in employments in and about providential things, there is the exercise of spiritual grace;—as much faith and prayer, as much communion with God, walking before him, and […]

Finding Happiness In Our Possessions

So unspiritual are many men’s minds, and so unsavoury their judgments, that they reckon men’s happiness by their possessions, and suppose the catalogue of their titles to be a roll of their felicities, calling the proud happy, and advancing in our conceits “them that work wickedness,” Mal. 3:15; but God will one day come in […]

The Three “Wants” That Men Seek To Supply

All that men do in the world is but seeking to supply their wants;—either their 1) natural wants, that nature may be supplied; or their 2) sinful wants, that their lusts may be satisfied; or their 3) spiritual wants, that their souls may be saved. For the two first, men without the gospel lay out […]

Seven Things That Christ Is

1) He is the Way; men without him are Cains, wanderers, vagabonds:— 2) He is the Truth; men without him are liars, like the devil, who was so of old:— 3) He is the Life; without him men are dead, dead in trespasses and sins :— 4) He is the Light; without him men are in darkness, and go […]