The Soul

Dying; The Last Victorious Act Of Faith, part 4 of 6

Doth the soul go into a state wherein it is capable of no joy, no consolation? Brethren, let men pretend what they will, he that never received any joy or consolation in this world but by his senses, or his reason exercised about the objects of his senses, doth not know, nor can believe, the soul itself should be […]

Dying; The Last Victorious Act Of Faith, part 3 of 6

Whither now is the soul going? what will be the issue within a few moments? Is it annihilated? doth death not only separate the body and soul, but destroy our being, so that we shall be no more to eternity? So some would have it; for it is their interest it should be so. Is the soul going into […]

The Great Purveyors Of The Soul

Thoughts are the great purveyors of the soul to bring in provision to satisfy its affections; and if sin remain unmortified in the heart, they must ever and anon be making provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. They must glaze, adorn, and dress the objects of the flesh, and bring them home […]

The Effect Of Unmortified Sin On The Soul

In our ordinary walking with God, and in an ordinary course of his dealing with us, the vigour and comfort of our spiritual lives depend much on our mortification… Every unmortified sin will certainly do two things:—[1.] It will weaken the soul, and deprive it of its vigour. [2.] It will darken the soul, and […]